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New Gift Card will ‘shine a light’ on Argyle businesses

A new Gift Card is on its way for Argyle as part of efforts to keep dollars local.

The Argyle Currency Gift Card is a physical Gift Card that can be spent with multiple participating businesses in Argyle, including shops, restaurants and services.

The Argyle BIA is behind the Gift Card initiative, which it hopes will bring new visitors to the London neighbourhood, enable community support projects and give organizations a local option for employee rewards.

Leah Thomas is Communications and Creative Director at Argyle BIA and said:

“Argyle is a diverse area with everything you need, from butchers and grocery stores to auto shops and wellness, with big box as well as home-grown stores. We also have some really unique businesses and a fantastic sense of community.

“The Argyle Currency Gift Card will benefit all of our businesses because it’s easy for them to accept the Gift Card and will keep dollars where we want to see them, here in Argyle. It will also encourage those from the wider London area to discover Argyle.

“We’ll be using the Argyle Currency Gift Card to support our community, to shine a light on our businesses, and as prizes at our community events. As the Gift Card caters to a diverse range of interests, employers can also buy the Gift Cards for employee rewards, knowing that those dollars are staying local.”

One of the businesses which accepts the new Argyle Currency Gift Card is Razors Barber Shop on Dundas Street. Owner Donna Moerenhout said:

“Razors is a traditional barber shop with a fun, quirky vibe. It has been pretty hard for local businesses over the last few years, but we’ve been lucky to have the support of our regulars to keep us going. What’s nice about Argyle is that even though it’s a city, the East End has a real small town feel where we get to know our customers, and they become friends.

“I think the Gift Card is a great idea because it can be spent in multiple places and will encourage people to shop local and find unique places and products that they haven’t experienced before in Argyle. And once they’ve been into the business, usually they’ll keep coming back. That’s a huge deal for businesses. When you spend with the big corporations, no-one benefits, but when you shop local, the whole community benefits.”

Lina Marie Phillips is the owner of Craklins Fish & Chips and is enthusiastic about how the Gift Card can be used in the area, commenting:

“Craklins is a small, growing local business that recently won the platinum award for the best fish and chips. Money is tight for everyone right now. It’s not easy for people to put gas in their car and then go for lunch too. But with an Argyle Currency Gift Card that they’ve gotten from work or as a gift, people can get the things they need, and the things they want too. Local organizations could also use the Gift Card to distribute funds with dignity to those in need. The Gift Card wouldn’t mark out the person in any way, and would be really easy for them to use.

“I employ 9 people at Craklins and I will be using the Gift Card for both staff and customer appreciation gifts. Whoever I give the Gift Card to, they’re not obligated to spend it at Craklins, and it is keeping money in the community. Collaboration is what keeps a community thriving.

“The Gift Card is a really neat little program that will bring an economic boost to the Argyle District and make you feel good when you buy it. It’s exciting to think that we have an influx of dollars on the way that will really help local businesses to survive or even to expand.”

The technology for the Argyle Currency Gift Card is provided by fintech Miconex in association with international payments technology solutions provider EML Payments.  Miconex operates its Downtown Gift Card concept in Canada and the US, and over 100 Town & City Gift Card programs in the UK and Ireland.

The Argyle Currency Gift Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company. Card funds are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) or any other government deposit insurer or agency. Funds do not expire, non-reloadable and no cash access. For Cardholder Agreement or Customer Service: www.getmybalance.com or 1-833-558-1108.

The Argyle Currency Gift Card is available to buy online or in-person from the Argyle BIA office.